David Cochran

Portrait Gallery and Mixed Media Store

  • Portrait Gallery

    Dave has been a highly sought after portrait artist for over 35 years and is well known for his series"A Different Kind of Family Portrait". His acrylic paintings on canvas are created in a semi traditional painterly style. He paints from the client's own casual snapshots, which he feels reveal much more personality than set up photos.


    Portrait Gallery 
  • Mixed Media Store

    Dave's Mixed Media pieces on paper are created using unorthodox tools... such as cauliflower, rollers, the wrong side of a brush, fingernails, used rags, discarded worn out brushes, graphite, ink, colored pencils, markers, sandpaper and anything else that is not nailed down in his studio. The results are unpredictable and a bit outrageous.

    His themes are whatever confounds confuses or amuses him on that particular day, combined with a curious cluster of recurrent images. His cast of characters are anti-portraits, probing the boundaries of an anatomically recognizable face.