• David Cochran moved back to his hometown of Richmond in 2018, after maintaining a studio at The Torpedo Factory Art Center for 33 years in Alexandria, where he and his wife Sheryl raised their three boys. They now reside in the Fan District in a 1920's Victorian home where Dave maintains a studio in his house on Arthur Ashe Blvd near Va Museum. He also shows his current work at Crossroads Art Center in Richmond.

    He is a highly sought after portrait painter in a 25 year series called "A Different Kind of Family Portrait" where he has included up to 38 portraits in one painting. His patrons include Congressmen, Virginia's Governor, the Founder and CEO of Ritz Carlton and the owners of the LA Dodgers.

    He is well known for his music related paintings, where he visually meanders around the interiors of a jazz club and focuses on the musicians, dancers, patrons and bartenders engaged in all manner of unexpected social interactions/infractions. His paintings are in many collections including Philip Morris, Ethyl Corp, The Federal Reserve and Chrysler Museum.

    He graduated from VCU with a BFA in Painting and Printmaking in 1976 and received a 2 year grant from the National Endowment of the Arts to be Artist in Residence for York County Va in 1978-79.

Divergent Styles

Dave creates his figures via two very diverse figurative styles: Realistic Portraits... and Mixed Media pieces using a very loose, chaotic anti-portrait style.

  • Portraits

    His Acrylic Portraits are created in a semi traditional painterly style. He paints from individual casual snapshots, which he feels reveal much more personality than set up photos. NO LIVE SITTINGS!

    Portrait Gallery 
  • Mixed Media

    His Mixed Media pieces are created using unorthodox tools... such as cauliflower, rollers, the wrong side of a brush, fingernails, used rags, discarded worn out brushes, graphite, ink, colored pencils, markers, sandpaper and anything else that is not nailed down in his studio. The results are unpredictable and a bit outrageous.

    Originals and Prints