Bringing Families Together

  • Family Gathering

    This 4ft x 6ft painting included the clients, their children with spouses and 4 dogs that were packed with personality. We depicted the daughter jumping horses and the son playing baseball from their childhood.

  • Beach Gathering 

    This couple wanted the grandparents along with their son in this elegant 4ft x 6ft painting. The clients depicted themselves and their son twice, currently and again from a  early favorite photo. We chose to paint this portrait in muted sepia tones and touches of red  that fit in with the clients décor. The family dog, amazing beach house and special car all made it into the painting.

  • Generational Painting

    This 4ft x 7ft painting was a 50th birthday surprise for my client's husband. It depicted four generations of the family and various pets, both present and dearly departed. Other details included personal memorabilia, a scene from a past cross country trip with the boys and their beach house. The husband was actually related to Buffalo Bill so we included him in the painting. 

  • Extended Family Portrait

    This client's family was spread out in different states, so gathering them together was a logistical nightmare. The client and I pulled together photos of all the family members to bring everyone together. The background includes the old family farm, beloved pets, along with the siblings and their families and the client's parents. The client's wedding portrait hangs directly behind them.

  • A Christmas Surprise

    This 3ft x 4ft painting was commissioned by the client in time for Christmas. The setting is beside a wine bottle tree where the client's husband had proposed. They also included their twin daughters, the married daughter's husband and child and fishing boat. There was mass chaos and joy when it was unveiled Christmas morning!   

  • Couples

    I do many smaller paintings of couples, as in this 30" x 36" painting, where the clients are portrayed at a favorite Caribbean destination. Their dogs did not make the trip but to make the painting special, we added them. I also added many personal images such as meaningful jewelry, their favorite band, a view from the balcony, a special dress and flowers from a memorable occasion.

Paintings in Client Homes

  • 5' x 7'

  • 4' x 6'

  • 4' x 5'

  • 5' x 6'

  • 30" x 48"

  • 3' x 4'

  • 4' x 6'

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